Friday, May 18th, 2012...10:18 am

Our Dynamic Earth Trip

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Eve – On the 17th May P1,2 and 3 went to Dynamic earth, it was awesome and cool. The coolest bit was the dome because the scorpion flung its tail right at me and I got a big fright.

Chloe – P3,2 and 1 went into a volcano room and every time we heard a big BOOM the floor shook and the floor lit up like lava!

Conner – At my day at Dynamic Earth I liked the time machine. When we were going back in time I felt a little bit scared.

Melissa – When I was at Dynamic Earth I saw a 3D space movie, it was really scary.

Cara – My day at Dynamic Earth was amazing and so so fun because I loved it when the floor in the volcano shook and shook and SHOOK!

Alasdair – At Dynamic Earth I liked the hammerhead shark and it went through my head and I thought it was real.

What did you enjoy about Dynamic Earth?


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